Muses on Cruises

by Donny Williams Photos by Matthew Vickers The first time I learned to slide, I realized that hard carves and meager hills bombs would never be [...]

Letters to the Shreditor (January 2018)

Daniel W., Maryland: I’m moving to a place with more hills and I want to get into downhill skating. What kind of wheels should I get? Justin: Thanks [...]

Welcome to the Team! Q&A with Original’s New Team Riders

We would like to extend a warm welcome to the newest members of the Original Skateboards team. Please welcome Sergio Henríquez Insúa, Calleigh Little, Nick Jones [...]

Letters to the Shreditor (November 2017)

Nate D., California: How do y'all fly with your longboards? Justin: Traveling with your board is never an exact science. That said, I'll share what has worked [...]

Central Mass 8 with the Original Skateboards Team

Written by Will Stephan, Donny Williams and the OS Team Edited by Donny Williams and Justin Bright On Tuesday, August 1st, Will Stephan touched down in [...]