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Longboards by Original Skateboards

We’re about more than creating great boards and we aren't in this for the short term. Original is driven by travel, the experience, your friends, that life, those adventures: the whole thing. We build longboards to get you there. Because once you’re there, there’s no going back.

Arbiter KT

The Arbiter KT: added kick to the well loved, Arbiter 36 longboard skateboard. Riders who want adaptability for fast freeride, but still love that downhill vibe will feel at home. Shortwheelbase for the win: all that and more make the KT a true quiver killer.

$119 Deck | $212 Complete

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Inspired From Board to Box

Each Original longboard is inspired, not only by our own riding experiences, but by the immense amount of rider feedback we get on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, IG, and YouTube. We want to pay homage to that collective inspiration by making sure the box our boards come in is something completely unique, with words fresh from the riders who rep our decks.

The harder you thrash, the harder we work for you.

Durability is about design, construction, and commitment; every piece of equipment matters all of the time. From PK Nose Guards to Rider Support, we’ve got you covered.